A most remarkable find.”

— Chicago Tribune

She is a very singular voice of unique allure, as a writer and a singer. Her story is colorful, and her presence compelling, personally and artistically. Her new record, Blue Venus, blends the jazzy atmosphere of her previous work with ambient and electronic influences that open up the top end of the sound beautifully. We're big fans of this artist, and encourage you to check out the clips on the Listen page, as well as the clips of Unspoken, also linked at the end of the interview. Joy Eden Harrison is potent; the sound is sophisticated, but her voice is intoxicating. (the full interview is available at www.puremusic.com)” - Frank Goodman


Amid the soul-deadening noise of contemporary culture, the most basic matters of the human heart are hidden away in dusty record collections. There's not much coinage or respect to be found for those artists who quietly convey the excruciating pain of the broken promise. Joy Eden Harrison is a torch singer, a designation describing the holding of a torch in wait for the return of a lost love. Unspoken (Astarte Records), her sophmore effort, features painterly brush strokes of horns and strings by producer Cindy Lee Berryhill. Harrison's bittersweet songs conjure those rainy nights when you order another round while the love of your life lies in someone else's arms.”

— LA Weekly

We had an invitation from Joy Eden Harrison to see her live at the A2A music showcase in Amsterdam during October, and so had the advantage of no preconceptions as to the quality of her performance before the show. Upon meeting briefly with Miss Harrison before her set, we were still none the wiser about the tall, quiet and mysterious young woman to whom we were introduced. On stage, Miss Harrison quickly established herself as a presence, bringing the stragglers in from outside and filling the room. Her stage presence was electric, sensual and powerfully feminine, drawing the audience in and mesmerising them. A transformation had taken place from her off-stage persona - she used her voice, body and sensuality to seduce the audience -nobody in the room could turn away to hold a private conversation. Miss Harrison has an intense voice, but the act was far more than this - it was the sum of many parts, delivering something rarely seen and hardly ever successfully pulled off. She had the Marilyn Monroe touch!!! Joy Eden Harrison is 100% performer, somebody who absolutely must be seen live to be fully appreciated. Her CD may capture the voice, but without those arms reaching out to embrace you as you listen you cannot appreciate the act to even a fraction of it's potential.”

— KlubCat (London)

On her CD Unspoken (Astarte Records), jazz singer (and songwriter) Joy Eden Harrison explores territory similiar to that of Cassandra Wilson--smart, almost quirky, almost-pop songs colored with jazz technique, expressing emotions and thoughts in a greater number of keys than the ...minions of the Lilith Faire.”

— Milwaukee Metro Express

Dreamy, ethereal, poignant and sophisticated.”

— Performing Songwriter

Not every day is a great feast. Tired artists, flat albums, mediocre songs.... So when such a gem comes to you, shrouded in mystery and well kept secrets, you awaken with a start. Alone with a guitar or accompanied by piano, violins and other strings, Joy Eden Harrison's second CD, Unspoken, is simply magnificent. And if the magic remains unexplained, there are yet many clues: Her voice, above all is unique, one thinks of Billie Holiday, of a Victoria Williams more jazz than folk. a Rickie Lee Jones, but all new. There is also a very particular musical vision (Cindy Lee Berryhill as producer), from virtuoso minimalism (Rubberband) to jazz-cabaret (The Secret, Reluctant Angel) to ballads, sublime and pure (Pushing my luck, Everybody's Good Time Girl, and Leap in the Dark). At last her songwriting is astonishing, filled with romantic visions, morbid or ironic, each word perfectly placed. If a European label does not take things in hand (Go Fargo ...) you risk passing by a great artist of the moment ... Joy Eden Harrison is to traditional jazz (1930s-40s) what Gillian Welch is to folk of the same period: A beacon of light in an endless night when you have lost all hope... (ES)” - ES

— Le Cri Du Coyote (FRANCE)