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Joy Eden Harrison: Guestbook

Sam Jackson

January 5, 2006


Omar Sharif

January 5, 2006

Neat site!

Stephen Deal

December 19, 2005

Enjoyed it!

Justin Parkinson

December 9, 2005


christian verduz

December 7, 2005

Enjoyed it!

David Hammes

October 26, 2005

I bought Unspoken about seven or eight years ago when my band opened for you at a hole-in-the-wall gig in Indianapolis. I've been listening to it on and off since then and can't wait to get my hands on blue venus. let us know if you ever hit up the midwest again...

Jim Sharkey

October 25, 2005

Hi Joy, long time no see. I've moved to Fort Collins Colo, but unfortunately dropped out of the music scene. I knew you'd make it with your song writing and recording. Glad to see your career coming along so well. Drop an e-mail when you think of it. I'm almost afraid to ask about Helen, but please update me when you can. Your faithful student-Jim

Willie Williams

May 23, 2005

Hey 'ol Santa Cruz buddy, when ya gonna play in the San Francisco area? Soon I hope! How can I order some CD's?
cheers, Willie

ananda moorman

May 11, 2005

Hey Joy its Ananda your long lost vocal student. where are you these days.?I'm in a band and in need of a vocal teacher / or vocal warm up tape anybody in san diego that you could recomend.-thanks ,Ananda

Mark Miller

May 7, 2005

When are you coming back to SD for a show?? Hope you are well, Fran sends here love.


Sir Anthony

April 18, 2005

I just read about you in "Gigging for a Living" last night and your live shows sound awesome! Any chance you'll be playing in the Minneapolis area anytime soon?

Loring Wirbel

April 16, 2005

Release date? Tour date? Starving for information! Good to see some new info....


February 12, 2005

Hi - Nice to see your new website
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